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A rego check, short for ‘registration check’, is a comprehensive way to find the history of a used vehicle. When purchasing from a dealer or private seller, you might receive only part of a car’s full story. The rego check is there to fill in the gaps, ensuring you get value for your money and don’t unintentionally buy a vehicle with an expired registration.

Why is a Free Rego Check so important?

  1. Legal Obligations: Every vehicle on Australian roads must have valid registration. It’s not just about the vehicle being legal; it’s also about the potential implications for the driver. Driving an unregistered vehicle could lead to fines, demerit points, or even a revoked license.
  2. Insurance Implications: Beyond registration, you need to know if the vehicle is covered by Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. If you’re ever involved in an accident, especially one causing injury or death, the lack of CTP can expose you to significant legal and financial risks.
  3. Knowledge Equals Power: The more you know about the vehicle you’re purchasing, the better. Dealers and private sellers have their interests, which might not always align with full transparency. A rego check gets you the insights you need to ensure you’re not being misled or overcharged.

How to do a Free Rego Check

Each state and territory in Australia offers an easy way to access the free rego check system:

How to find out more

While a free rego check provides essential details about a car, there might be occasions when you require a more exhaustive background. This is where a PPSR report comes in. It dives deeper into:

  • Potential theft history.
  • Vehicle accident / written-off history
  • Any outstanding finances or debts linked to the vehicle.
  • Verification of odometer readings.

The PPSR, or Personal Property Securities Register, is a comprehensive system to check if the car you’re considering has any financial claims against it. A PPSR check reveals if the previous owner has left behind any financial obligations that might now land on your shoulders. To generate this report, you’ll need the car’s license plate number or, for newer models, the VIN. A PPSR report costs only $2 but when buying a car it’s the best $2 you have ever spent.

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