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2024 Ford Transit Review
Car Advice

2024 Ford Transit Review

The Ford Transit, a true workhorse amongst the vans, enters 2024 with offerings across five distinct badges, catering to a wide range of commercial and people mover needs. With a price (MRLP) spanning from $56,990 to $69,090, the Transit aims to blend functionality with modernity, appealing to a diverse buyer demographic. The new “VO” shape…

Halal Car, Ute, Van and Truck Finance
Car Finance | Truck Finance

Halal Car, Ute, Van and Truck Finance

What is Halal Car Finance? Halal car finance refers to car financing options that comply with Islamic finance principles. The core of Islamic finance is the prohibition of Riba (interest), as well as ensuring that investments and financial transactions are made in assets or operations that are considered Halal (permissible under Islamic law). Here’s how…