$2 PPSR Check

Why get a PPSR Check?

If you’re buying a used car from a private seller its worth checking the vehicles history. Unlike a licensed motor vehicle dealer, private sellers don’t have to tell you whether the car still has finance owing on it or if it has previous accident history.

If you do buy a used car that’s listed as security against an outstanding loan and the previous owner stops repaying the loan, the lender could repossess your car even though you paid for the car in full. You could be left with no car and would have to pursue to seller for the money you paid.

In short, you should spend the $2 on a PPSR check and ALWAYS check the PPSR no matter where you buy a vehicle from (even dealers), It can save you thousands and could be the best $2 you ever spent.

Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR)

The PPSR is operated by the Australian Government and is a register designed to help protect consumers who buy personal property such as cars, boats, caravans and almost anything else that has a serial number.

By searching the PPSR, you can find out if a used car you’re buying has any finance owing on it, is listed as stolen and if it has been involved in an accident. Some online services can charge more than $35 for an online PPSR check but they will show the same PPSR report that the Government only charges $2 for. Click this link to do a $2 PPSR check

What you can check

  • Financing owing (Security Interest)
    If you buy a used car that’s secured against an outstanding loan and the previous owner stops repaying the loan, the lender could repossess your car.
  • Reported as stolen
    A stolen car may be repossessed and returned to its owner or their insurance or finance company.
  • Has been written off
    The PPSR has information if a vehicle has been previously written-off and repaired. More info here about buying a repairable write-off.

Free PPSR Checks

If you are looking for a Free PPSR check they usually come with strings attached by giving up your contact details, so an official $2 check using a Government service is more than affordable way of getting a valuable service.

If you still can’t bear the thought of spending $2 there is a Free alternative to a PPSR to check the registration status of a car (or other vehicle) and verify the registration number matches the VIN and so on. Motor vehicle registration is managed on a state by state basis and each state has their own FREE State Government online service to check registrations:

Other checks

A PPSR search can tell you a lot about the car you’re buying. However, there are other things you should do before buying a used car:

  • get an independent mechanic to carry out a pre-purchase car inspection (PPI)
  • ask the previous owner for the car’s service history to check it has been looked after

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