Financing a Repairable Write Off Car

Repairable Write Off Car Loans

Buying a vehicle (car, truck, van or ute) that is a repairable write off can be an excellent way to get a good deal on a used car or commercial vehicle that is priced well below market value. Finding a consumer or commercial loan for a repairable write-off is not as always simple as lending criteria is subject to quite a few conditions.

Usually, loans for repairable write-offs are handled on a case by case basis. This is where Trademate can help you and avoid making unsuccessful applications as not all lenders will have suitable lending options for buyers of repairable write off vehicles.

In some cases, the borrower cannot use a repairable write off as security for the loan so secured commercial loans are not always possible. But there are options out there that we can use. Send an enquiry through or give us a call and one of our friendly team will have a chat with you about your next car or commercial vehicle, and we will find a financing solution to suite your needs.

What is a repairable write-off?

A repairable write-off is a vehicle that has been involved in an accident or incident such as a storm or hail damage and is registered as uneconomical to repair by an insurance company. In this case, the original owner is paid out by the insurer in accordance to their specific policy and the vehicle is unregistered and recorded on the WOVR – the Written Off Vehicles Register. These vehicles can then be sold and purchased; however, if the buyer wishes to drive the vehicle on the road again they are required to repair these vehicles and have the repairs inspected by either a government inspection centre and attain roadworthy and registration before they can get back on the road safely.

What is a repairable write off car loan?

A repairable write off loan is a loan on a car which is used to purchase repairable write-off cars from dealers, private sellers or auctions. In most cases it can be secured to the car itself but in some cases the lenders lending policies will not allow the car to be security for the loan and will opt for an unsecured loan as the car being financed is not eligible as security for the loan.

Should I buy a repairable write-off?

It’s hard to say if you should buy a repairable write-off car. You can save a lot of money buying a repairable write-off. In most cases a repairable write-off vehicle has been thoroughly inspected before being allowed to be re-registered to be driven on the road. There are strict process that need to be followed in repairing vehicles and getting them re-registered.

The only evidence that most repaired vehicles have ever been in an accident is that the vehicles have the write off incident listed on the vehicle’s PPSR record. It’s because of this PPSR history you may be able to negotiate a great deal on the vehicle.

There are many vehicles on the road which have been in serious accidents that are not listed on the PPSR, the reason is either an insurance company has not been involved in repairing the vehicle or the vehicle is just too old to have the incident recorded.

At least with an incident recorded on the PPSR you will know the history of the vehicle and might work in your favour financially.

But I would suggest staying away from flood vehicles, with modern electrics, everything may work today but it can take months, even years for problems to appear. Do a $2 PPSR check.

How do I apply for repairable write off finance?

It’s simple. Send through a quote request and we will do all the hard work to get you a no-obligation quote on a repairable write-off car, ute, van or truck.

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