How to get into the courier business in 2023

The allure of working outside, crafting your schedule, and the exciting dynamics of the courier business makes it a sought-after profession in 2023.

As a courier, you could be zipping around the city on a bike, navigating through traffic in a van, or making bulk deliveries with a truck. It’s the perfect profession for those who dread the monotony of desk jobs. And the best part? The courier sector is booming, valued at a staggering $461.2m in Australia alone.

If you possess a valid drivers license, a smartphone, and can handle the traffic, this industry might be your calling. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Starting Your Own Courier Venture

The most traditional way to dive into the courier world is to set up your own business. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Branding: Just like any business, you’ll need a strong brand identity. This involves creating a professional website, registering your business, and promoting your services.
  • Flexibility: Being an independent courier allows you to design your work hours and choose your clientele.
  • Responsibility: Remember, with great freedom comes great responsibility. There’s no fixed salary, sick leaves, or paid holidays. Your success and earnings are directly proportional to your effort.

2. Franchise Opportunities

Australia boasts numerous courier franchise opportunities, such as Fastway and Courier Please. Here’s what a franchise offers:

  • Guidance: You get comprehensive support and direction from the main franchise, while still maintaining control over your operations.
  • Trust Factor: As part of a recognised brand, customers are more likely to trust your services.
  • Managerial Role: While you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of operations, managing your franchise means you’ll be dealing with more strategy and less on-ground work. However, the beauty of this model is the blend of strategic oversight and occasional hands-on involvement.

3. Collaborating with On-demand Delivery Apps

Think Uber Eats. These platforms have revolutionised how we think about delivery. And it’s not limited to food anymore:

  • Diverse Opportunities: With the surge in online shopping, apps like Amazon Flex, Sherpa, Postmates, IKEA Delivery, and Roadie are constantly on the lookout for reliable couriers.
  • Consistent Work: Such platforms ensure a steady inflow of tasks directly to your smartphone.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Driving Proficiency: Above everything else, you should be adept at driving and possess a keen sense of road safety.
  • Local Knowledge: Familiarity with your operational area is a significant plus.
  • Physical Fitness: Being a courier can be physically taxing, so you should be in good shape.
  • Organisational Prowess: Couriers thrive on their ability to manage time and organise their deliveries efficiently.

Licensing & Insurance:

  • Vehicle Licensing: A standard car license suffices for vans. However, for heavy vehicles like buses, tow trucks, or prime movers, specific licenses are necessary.
  • Insurance: Ensure you’re covered with adequate business insurance for both you and your vehicle.

In a world increasingly driven by ecommerce and online stores, the courier business remains a lucrative and ever-evolving sector. As the year unfolds, consider tapping into its vast potential and be a part of this industry.

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