Courier Van Insurance

Insurance quotes for courier drivers and their vans

As a courier driver you would most likely operate as an owner-driver which is classified as a your own small business where you have your own ABN, you own your own van and you contract your services out to another company. This is the most common business model used in the industry but places a variety of risks and liability with the owner-driver

What is Courier Driver Insurance?

Courier Driver insurance, also know as Commercial Vehicle Insurance and as business vehicle insurance or business car insurance, provides cover for most vehicles that are used to run your business, such as sedans, utes, vans, trucks, forklifts and trailers etc. It is specifically tailored to cover your commercial vehicles and get you back on the road.

Why do I need Courier Driver Insurance?

If you are a courier driver and you are financing your van or truck purchase, one of the settlement conditions will most probably be that you will need to have adequate insurance on the vehicle. This can be tricky for many people as most mainstream insurance companies will flat out not insure a vehicle used as a courier or delivery vehicle.

What’s worse, we sometimes see is in frustration a client would insure the vehicle with a mainstream provider and the client actually has the wrong insurance because they have not told the insurance company the true use of the vehicle. This would leave the driver exposed and in the event of an accident during a delivery they might not be insured. 

How is Courier Driver Insurance Different?

As a courier driver there comes many other hazards that other business owners don’t have to deal with. You will be spending almost every working hour on the road so your risk of accidents dramatically increases higher than your average business driver. There is also insurance for the load you are carrying as well as income insurance for any downtime you might experience due to sickness or breakdown and the list goes on.

This is something TradeMate experiences on a day-to-day bases and we have solutions to get you on the road faster. Get in touch with us and we will arrange for an insurance quote for your courier business.

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