Rent to Own Toyota Hiace Van

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from $250.00 Per Week

Rent-to-Own is a fast and affordable alternative if you do not want to or are unable to access traditional finance options.

Also known as Rent To Buy or Hire Purchase, Rent-to-Own allows you to use the equipment you need at an affordable and realistic price, similar to rental but with the option to buy it outright when you’re ready, increasing the equity in your business.

As a business owner having the confidence of a fully flexible finance option that is tailored to suit your needs allows you to take up the opportunities without the associated stress of traditional alternatives.

Rental: $250.00



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1 review for Rent to Own Toyota Hiace Van

  1. Tim

    I think the Hiace van is the best van if you’re a tradie. The previous shape hasn’t changed since 2006 so if you get one that’s a little bit old it still looks the same as a newer one from 2017

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