Low Doc Vehicle Loans

Are you a business owner? Self Employed? A Low Doc Loan might help kickstart your business.

Are you Self-employed, does your business income fluctuate, or have you been unable to submit tax returns for valid reasons? If you’re looking for commercial vehicle finance, but you have limited or no documentation to use to prove your income level, we may be able to help you get the vehicle you need.

If you don't have regular payslips to prove your income, we’ll need to verify your income for low doc vehicle finance using other methods such as bank account history, invoices you've issued, and other acceptable documents. Lenders may also require information about your previous employment history and a credit check just so they feel confident you'll be able to pay the loan back.

The obvious benefit with low doc loans is needing very little documentation. However, there are additional benefits such as:

  • Building up a good repayment history
  • Improving your chances of success for future loans
  • Helping to kick start a new business, or grow an existing business

Something to consider about low doc loans is due to the risky nature of low doc loans, some lenders tend to charge slightly higher interest rates than for other types of vehicle finance. So you'll need to weigh up or speak to your accountant whether you will be able to service the loan given your current income levels.